Industrial aspiration in the transport sector

Fapp Aspirations Systems has worked for a wide variety of clients in the railway, naval and aeronautical sectors. The aspiration needs to be covered have been very varied. From the aspiration of aluminum dust (highly explosive element) in the construction of components for airplanes, to the design of suction and cleaning cabs for trains.

Our products have been installed in very diverse countries according to the needs of the customers and the final destination of their projects. This fact has led us to develop an extensive know-how about the performance of our teams in very different conditions and the technical specifications of each country.

Traffic cleaning booths

The trains accumulate dirt and sand in the lower part of the wagon. With grease and moisture, the sand is stuck on the lower wagons causing corrosion of materials. FAPP Aspiración Systems designed and implemented an 8-meter booth with suction blowing system and a water pressure wash cabin that helps in the extraction of sand.


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