Industrial cleaning companies

In a competitive sector such as industrial cleaning, being able to offer a fast and efficient cleaning service is key to any cleaning company. But to achieve this challenge, the help of the appropriate industrial cleaning machines is necessary.

Having the best industrial sweepers and scrubbers in the market will help your company make the difference. The result will be an impeccable cleaning.

In addition, at Fapp Aspiracy Systems we understand that having our machinery maintenance and repair service will also help reduce the operating costs of its client while also contributing to the quality of the service provided.


Our experience in multiple sectors is an asset that we put at your disposal

  • Markets: In environments with food handling and sale to the public hygiene is a fundamental factor. That’s why we offer scrubbers with Ozone cleaning systems, which provide disinfectant cleaning without the use of chemical products.
  • Hotels: In the leisure sector, the first impression is essential, especially cleaning and hygiene. FAPP Aspiracion Systems offers the best range in cleaning machines to give an unbeatable appearance even in the common areas where there is a lot of traffic.
  • Educational industry: It is required to have the best equipment and cleaning services to maintain a clean and comfortable learning environment for students, staff and visitors. In this educational environment, a key aspect is the availability of machines with a low noise level and that are sustainable. FAPP Aspiracion Systems also offers air purification equipment in charged environments that increase the performance of students.
  • Public facilities: The diversity of spaces to clean represents the most important factor to manage when working with this type of facilities. For this reason, in FAPP Aspiración Systems we offer a wide variety of machines to cover any need for cleaning that may arise, both in interior surfaces and in outdoor surfaces.
  • Office buildings: In this area the maneuverability of the cleaning machine will always be very important and that it can work in smaller environments.
  • Hospitality: The hygiene of kitchens and restaurants is a top priority for its customers, for this reason we will help you to maintain hygienic hygiene standards.
  • Shopping centers: In everyday places it is very important to provide a better shopping experience and therefore customers return again.
  • Health care: In hygiene centers, hygiene is a fundamental factor. That’s why our ranges of products offer superior performance without sacrificing productivity. Ozone cleaning systems provide disinfectant cleaning without the use of chemical products, which makes them unique for this type of facilities.
  • Warehouses and logistics: The cleaning of a warehouse or a logistics center requires a great focus on efficiency, reliability and security. The scrubbers and sweepers with a driver on it will help you meet the high expectations of your customers.

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