Industrial aspiration in the food sector

The food sector is a sector with very strict labor safety and hygiene regulations. For the handling of food that will be consumed later, it is very important to maintain the hygiene conditions of productive environments and that cleaning equipment ensures maximum efficiency. Disinfecting with ozone cleaning systems allows you to work without chemicals and comply with all the regulations at the same time.

On the other hand, many foods contain sugar, flour, etc. Elements that blend in an air atmosphere can explode. That is why it is advisable to use industrial suction equipment that complies with the ATEX regulations.

Examples of applications for the food industry

Aspiration of lactose

A leading company in the food industry, cheese maker and other dairy products, needed to clean properly and disinfect the environment and production equipment before and after the preparation of each manufacturing batch.

The typical problems of this type of food are found in the point of weighing salt, milk powder and lactose, as well as at various points of transport, where they tend to produce losses of this material and the spread of dust by the ship. Dust can not only be harmful to people, but it can also be explosive, as in the case of lactose.

FAPP Aspiración Systems designed, manufactured and installed a special AE-9 team for ATEX classified areas. The equipment included a mataespurnes security system and anti-theft valves. The anti-theft valves completely close the passage of air in circulation from the outside inwards and leave free passage in the opposite direction. The dust collection equipment and the rest of the installation are manufactured in stainless steel in accordance with the regulations of the food sector.

Aspiration of sugar

In the process of wrapping candy, sugar is spilled, spreading through the air and forming a sticky layer on the floor and the machinery. The first implication is a decrease in the yield of production, and second, a decrease in the safety of workers as it is an explosive material. FAPP Aspiración Systems designed and implemented two AE-14 equipment with ATEX specifications and special stainless material to cover four machines to wrap in two production lines. The result was that there were no debris of sugar in the soil or inside production machines, allowing to recover the expected yield of production.

Aspiration and transport of coffee

In the coffee sector, a client with coffee capsule distribution worldwide, had two problems. First, the transport of coffee was neither efficient nor functional, and the second, a problem of coffee breaks in the process of packaging in capsules.

For the transport problem, FAPP Aspiration Systems designed and developed an aspiration set to increase the coffee load. The transport of the product is carried out by means of a vacuum cleaner or an annular turbine. An automatic discharge valve and a product level viewer were installed in the hopper. The installation of the pipe and the hopper is designed so that coffee beans are not damaged, a fundamental point to guarantee the highest quality coffee.

For the problem of mines, an aspiration equipment was designed to collect the resultant loss during the process of manufacture of coffee or tea capsules and the possible cuts of paper-aluminum produced in the packaging thereof. Thanks to the fact that coffee or aspirated tea could be reused, this equipment led to a 7% reduction in savings that allowed the suction equipment to be amortized in a few months.

Optimization of packaging operations

The packaging produces a waste that needs to be collected continuously. For this reason, FAPP Aspiración Systems has several models of vacuum cleaners that collect the waste produced, so that they are extracted and recovered in the nylon lining. The engine is placed in such a way that it optimizes the capacity of the container, in addition the aspirated product is compacted in the lower part.

This provides the following advantages:

  • No downtime of the machinery.
  • Better product quality.
  • Significant decrease in losses.

Transport of dust and granules

The pneumatic conveyors move the dust and granules between different parts of the production process. In the process of transporting the products they adapt to the necessary hygienic conditions, protecting the environment and the health of the workers.

These adjustments have the following advantages:

  • They carry capsules of all sizes, preserving the integrity and avoiding the opening of the capsules during transport.
  • Avoid contamination of the product and dust exodus.
  • Combined material transfer, preserving the integrity of the product and keeping undamaged percentages of each component.
  • Increase automation and productivity

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