Industrial aspiration in the textile sector

As in many other sectors, the production of the textile sector generates waste that can endanger the safety of workers and other industrial machinery.

Using industrial suction equipment adapted to the textile sector can provide the following advantages:

  • It is dispensed with dusty environments and optimizes the disposal of waste.
  • More qualities in products and activate production.
  • Do not dispose of oil waste.
  • It saves time for maintenance of machinery, systems and cleaning.

The specific solutions that FAPP Aspiración Systems has designed based on their experience are

Recovery of tissue cuts from the production line or cut

Special equipment that allows to extract the cuts and the dust generated during the textile manufacturing processes in order to avoid stoppages and periods of inactivity of the machinery. The most dense textile cuts are compacted at the bottom of the container to take advantage of their total capacity, which allows more volume and work more efficiently.

Recovery of waste and leather dust during production

Leather is heavier than other materials. For this reason the vacuum cleaner requires a more intense flow of air to achieve optimal performance.

FAPP Aspiration Systems puts at your disposal the most suitable model for your needs in a powerful and reliable way, which will collect dust, cuts and liquids.

Recovery of oil and emulsions during the production of halves

The aspiration is the most efficient way to recover fluids. The recovery of a high percentage of the liquids used in production can reduce costs substantially and avoid problems of lack of hygiene and occupational safety.

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