Industrial aspiration in the pharmaceutical industry

The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors have always been characterized by very strict safety and health regulations. For this reason, it is essential to have industrial suction equipment that eliminates harmful waste for the health of workers.

At Fapp Aspiración Systems we have a great experience in the sector, where we have designed industrial suction and filtration equipment for all kinds of problems. Meet some below.

Dust containment

Recovery of pharmaceutical compounds requires special devices and features to protect the worker from your contact. For this application, a high-contention filter has been designed, from the standard to the most customized to adapt to the needs of each client.

Benefits and benefits that you can bring:

  • A great level of security.
  • It is an easy-to-use and clean machine of pharmaceutical components.
  • It improves the productivity since it can be in operation at all times and it is not necessary to stop producing to carry out a cleaning of the machinery.

Aspiration of vapors

A leading paint company company contacted the technical team of FAPP Aspiración Systems to solve a problem in its production process. The agitators to mix paint emitted highly toxic and explosive dust and vapors. FAPP already has a long experience in the chemical sector in general, and in painting manufacturing processes in particular. In this case, the technical department designed and developed a special AE-14 team, accompanied by an aspiration arm to capture dust and steam at the workplace.

Aspiration of mercury

In the production of sulfuric acid (SO4H2), mercury spills occur. The volatility of mercury generates vapors that cause serious diseases of the nervous system. For this reason the standards of hygiene and hygiene are very high in the chemical sector. FAPP Aspiración Systems created an aspiration equipment with a high vacuum pump with a special auxiliary stainless steel tank with gravity emptying and separation of mercury by decantation. The system allows to reuse the aspirated mercury thus reducing the cost of using this product.

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