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It is very common that the requirements for machinery manufacturers have some standards of cleaning of the machine itself. In many cases, due to the type of material to be manufactured and the process used, it is necessary to have an industrial suction system.

The aspiration systems prevent damage to the machinery produced by the detachment of particles. At Fapp Aspiracy Systems we design and manufacture tailor made suction equipment for each company.

These equipments allow the rest of industrial machines to work better at avoiding problems:

  • Saturation due to debris of the material in the form of particles, poles, etc.
  • Trapped to clean the productive machine according to specific regulations

Examples of applications made by FAPP Aspiration Systems

Laser smoke aspiration

Automatic laser welding generates smoke and tiny particles of dust. The dust spells the air and the laser lenses, causing inaccuracies. FAPP Aspiracy Systems specially developed a vacuum cleaner with plenty of air and extensive pulse filter surface. The equipment incorporates automatic extinguishing of fires, self-cleaning of filter and alarm of saturation of filters and fires.

Smoke extraction has the following benefits:

  • Improves productivity time by keeping laser lenses clean.
  • Keeps safe working conditions.
  • It helps to guarantee the quality of the products while maintaining the cleanliness of the production lines.

Optimum security and automation in the processing of products


Automatic machines need a constant aspiration to prevent waste from contaminating the products or to reduce the efficiency of the machine itself.

The special features designed for FAPP Aspiration Systems provide the following advantages:

  • Better product quality.
  • There is no downtime, that is, the continuous collection of dust and waste increases productivity and the loss of time in the cleaning of factories and machinery
  • Health guarantee: Thanks to the filtration, the work environment is free of dust.
  • Total safety in the health conditions of the workers

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