Industrial aspiration of the metalworking industry

In the metallurgical sector, it works with very heavy materials and processes with high temperatures are used. This means that the recovery of particles of the materials used is difficult due to their high density, and also that in certain processes there are very hot and harmful gases and fumes for the health of workers and the environment.

For this reason, it is important to have adequate industrial suction equipment to guarantee efficiency in the cleaning and recovery of the smallest parts, which in turn will help reduce material losses. On the other hand, it will be necessary to install suction systems capable of filtering the smoke emitted during production and complying with the environmental regulations.

Some examples of vacuum cleaners manufactured by FAPP Aspiration Systems

Oil vacuum cleaners and chips

The industrial vacuum cleaner is the most effective tool to eliminate chips from the machines. Removing them reduces the time of inaction and the highest quality of the product is guaranteed.

Vacuum cleaners for the separation of oil shavings

They can vacuum the cutting oil and the emulsion along with the chips and the solid and liquid components. Regular use of vacuum cleaners in the OIL series helps keep machines and saves money.

Aspiration of liquids

All companies in this sector need to aspire oil, emulsions, chemical solutions and water that represents a saving if the dissolution has to be filtered and reused, but also to reduce the cleaning time and the maintenance of the machinery and the outer areas. FAPP Aspiracion Systems puts at your disposal machinery that allows to expel the liquid under pressure, facilitating the storage of liquids in an appropriate way.

Bronze and metal aspirations

FAPP Aspiration Systems offers the solution to aspire metals and recover each of the shavings or metal particles while working with machines. Companies that use this technology can retrieve each metal particle through dedicated filters, helping to quickly reduce the suction equipment and reduce material costs.

Aspirated by grafit or resin pols

In the list of products you can find solutions dedicated to plants of production of refractory materials; as molds containing graphite. Industrial vacuum cleaners continuously extract a large amount of dust and waste. The use of an industrial vacuum cleaner guarantees the following benefits:

  • A safer work environment.
  • Products not contaminated by waste.
  • Save on production and time costs.

Production of tubs d’acer

Using an industrial vacuum cleaner reduces the downtime of the machines and avoids the aging of the tools. In addition, the steel tubes produce a steel residue that must be eliminated before beginning with the next phase of the production

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