Industrial Aspiration in Construction Industry

The construction is a sector that, due to the environment and the harsh conditions in which it is carried out, can jeopardize the life of the machines. In these conditions, the maintenance is carried out periodically, as it allows an improvement in productivity and efficiency, as well as a longer service life.

In addition, treatment of some construction materials produces particles that are harmful to the health of workers. In order to eliminate them, it is necessary that the environments where these materials are treated have the help of specialized industrial vacuum cleaners.

Fapp Aspiration Systems offers technical service for any type of industrial vacuum cleaner and cleaning machine. Our knowledge of the sector and all the materials with which it works allows us to solve the specific problems of this sector. Thus we can achieve a longer service life of the machines and therefore a reduction in the costs of our customers.

Examples of different construction materials

Aspiration of cement

Fapp Aspiración Systems has extensive experience in the cement sector with leading clients such as Cemex, Asland and Ciments Molins. Cement dust is particularly difficult to aspire. The filters can be saturated with great ease and completely disable the equipment.

In concrete, Cementos Molins had a problem for the coal dust that appears in the ovens. FAPP Aspiración Systems designed and developed several high-power special equipment for the cleaning of the cement’s facilities. The special filters and the FAPP Jet filter auto-cleaning system prevent the saturation of the filters and allow the cleaning of remote areas thanks to their power. The special vacuum cleaners that were manufactured were prepared for the ATEX zone since the carbon powder is explosive when mixed with the air.

Aspiration of synthetic resin powder

In the field of building materials, synthetic resin poles represent a problem of insecticide and large-scale production. The tall fish booths per the interiors generates a large amount of poles which are charged with static electricity and may arrive to be exploded. A month, the pols s’enganxa amb molta facilitat, provoking a saturation of filtres molt rapidly and consequently decreased of the productivitat.

FAPP Aspiration systems can offer a specific solution per aquest problem. The special system for capturing large-surface pollutants allows the production of large quantities of fish. The equipment and the instal·lació are preparats per ATEX classification class.

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